Reliability and safety at a high level.


Gates and fences from the HOLLER PRO product line are primarily designed for intensive use in industrial and commercial areas. They combine reliability, safety and strength with aesthetic appeal. All products are custom-made and unique in design.

Sliding Gates

Impressive dimensions with max. width of 50 m and max. heights of 6 m.

The cantilever sliding gates combine state-of-the-art craftsmanship and maximum functionality. Specially developed aluminium profiles and the use of high-quality materials guarantee durability, functionality, and the highest quality standards. Thanks to their manifold, creative and innovative design options, the sliding gates aesthetically enhance the appearance of any environment. All sliding gates are pre-installed and tested at the factory before shipping.

Swing gates and pedestrian gates

Dimensions that securely protect every object: max. width 12 m (1 leaf), max. height 5 m.


First-class craftmanship provides outstanding stability and reliable perimeter protection. Upon customer request, we deliver spike strips to enhance the level of security and protection. All motor drives for swing gates and sliding gates are supplied with our tried and tested plug&play system.

Excellent weather resistance, easy care and scratch-resistant surfaces guarantee beauty and quality for many years.

Swing gates and pedestrian gates are also made to measure and manufactured in oversized dimensions.


Aluminum fences with a maximum height of 2.5 m.

Fences for industrial use provide a reliable and aesthetically pleasing perimeter protection. The fences may be adapted to the design and style of connecting gates, enhancing the appearance of any environment.

Special mounting brackets for attaching the fence panels allow for a flexible fence alignment and compensate for any unevenness in the ground.

Letterbox and parcel box columns

Letterbox columns are a prestigious and beautiful choice for any property. Letters are dropped from the outside, collection is from the inside. The columns may also be used as guide posts for pedestrian gates or catch post for sliding gates.

With e-commerce becoming increasingly prevalent in the global landscape, uncomplicated and reliable delivery receipt is now more essential than ever before.  Our parcel box columns can be fully integrated at the planning stage or retrofitted at a later date. Opening by code, key or with a mobile phone – the decision is yours.


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